TWI Institute Helps Amazon Train Thousands

Reduce speed to skill, train thousands of workers in a matter of weeks.

    • Challenge: Train 70,000 seasonal workers during holiday rush period for a variety of functions, in 70 different fulfillment centers nationwide. Train them all to be effective and accurate – hundreds a day – in a matter of weeks.
    • Question: How is it possible – without thousands of trainers – to effectively train tens of thousands of new hires, across multiple fulfillment centers, at a pace of several hundred a day using the TWI Job Instruction program?
    • TWI Institute’s Answer: Adapt the TWI Job Instruction (JI) method, configure the training centers properly, and bring in a core group of trainers versed in JI.
    • Challenge Met: “Quality improved, errors reduced, training time lowered. Huge win. Overwhelmingly positive.” – Mark Anderson, Senior Manager | Amazon Fulfillment

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