Confident and focused frontline people are central to your current and evolving post-COVID plans. Proven TWI training – Job Instruction, Job Methods, Job Relations and Job Safety – prepares your people for the “next normal” and their role in meeting production and KPI targets.

The TWI Institute can upskill, reskill and cross-train frontliners to achieve standardized procedures for current jobs, new jobs or modified roles. We can teach new safety practices for the work itself or for workplace cleaning and sanitizing. We can bring stability to work experiences in flux.

Done onsite or online through true interactive and real-time training, our tailored programs are proven to help your people feel better prepared and better about returning to work.

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Post-COVID Advisory: Recovery Readiness on the Frontlines

Packed with teaching, training and learning to-dos, this new ADVISORY helps you plan and measure your post-COVID-19 actions in terms of skills, safety and stability. Its focus is on frontline issues and the people who experience them, as well as the ways the TWI Institute can help make the tasks you face in the post-pandemic world just a bit easier and your people happier and more confident.

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A Track Record Of Success In Manufacturing and Pharma

Over the years, many global manufacturing brands and Fortune 500 companies have looked to the TWI Institute to deliver TWI training programs that deliver transformational results in lean, operational excellence and continuous improvement. In addition, the TWI Institute has been working side-by-side with healthcare institutions delivering similar results in frontline healthcare – particularly relevant in these challenging times. That experience can now be leveraged for safer workforces and workplaces. The following statistics represent the averages of documented results from TWI Institute engagements.






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TWI Training Videos

Patrick Graupp, VP & Senior Master Trainer of the TWI Institute teaches daughter Reilly the proper way: to clean high-touch items, to correctly put on gloves and a face mask and the proper steps to safely remove gloves and a face mask. Patrick not only details the “what” and “how” but the “why” it is effective. You can view additional videos on Vimeo or on the resources section of our website.


Cleaning Tabletops & High-Touch Surfaces


Putting On A Face Mask & Gloves


Removing Gloves & A Face Mask

Amazon Fulfillment – Reduce Speed To Skill, Train Thousands Of Workers In A Matter Of Weeks

TWI Institute’s work with Amazon is reflective of some of the key challenges faced by manufacturers in a post-COVID environment. Namely, how do you very rapidly train at scale and implement new processes and procedures that enhance productivity and, in the current scenario, workplace safety to enable effective operations?

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Baptist Health Care – Don’t Just Reduce Infections, Eliminate Them Over the Long Haul

If you were told a few months ago that specific healthcare expertise could be critical to your future success in manufacturing, you may have received that information as a skeptic. Well, welcome to the new normal. The ability to quickly and effectively implement large-scale cleanliness, physical distancing and other workplace safety procedures AND have your workforce rapidly learn and 100% comply with those procedures just might separate the winners from the losers as we move forward.

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Why TWI Institute For Manufacturing and Pharma

Training Within Industry (TWI) is a teaching and learning system focused on people at the point of work. TWI advances the skills, contributions and self-respect of each individual to deliver success for the organization as a whole.

Standardized Work, Job Instruction (JI), Job Methods (JM), Job Relations (JR) and Job Safety (JS) can be transformational for successfully meeting operational, production and talent development objectives. For manufacturing and pharmaceutical organizations, the Training Within Industry (TWI) methodology applied with discipline in has been proven to dramatically improve productivity, safety, efficiency and frontline morale while subsequently increasing organizational financial performance.

Our Industrial Solutions Team Understands Your Challenges

For the TWI Institute, we have seen and solved hundreds of unique challenges in manufacturing. Our Industrial Solutions Team brings first-hand point-of-work and point-of-learning knowledge along with over 150 years of experience from the front lines of the plant floor to the management team and the executive suite. Our team can advise your team on goal setting, problem solving, teaching, implementation and change and culture management. We’re proud of what our team has done – and still does every day.

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Introducing TWIST: TWI Synchronous Training

Face-to-face training, while often preferred, isn’t always possible or practical. However, advances in technology have created new opportunities for training initiatives focused on achieving goals in process and job stability, work standards, lean, and continuous improvement.  TWIST, is our real-time Video Teaching, Training and Learning Platform for TWI programs that can adjust to your organization’s training scope, budget and preferences.

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“The TWI method won WWII by rapidly training unskilled workers to produce materials and supplies needed for the war effort. We’re fighting to recover now and we can use those same methods to not only rapidly up-skill and re-skill our frontline workforces but also create safer workplaces with processes and procedures that will help those frontline workers to be more productive and safe.”

Scott Curtis, President & CEO | TWI Institute

Take The First Step To Solving Your Frontline Challenges

At the TWI Institute, that first step is a Strategic Assessment, a process of focused discovery with your key personnel followed by delivery of a summary analysis and recommendations by the TWI Institute Industrial Solutions Team.

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TWI Institute in Manufacturing and Pharma

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